Portugal EuroMillions Win

Portugal EuroMillions Winner
Portugal EuroMillions Winner

A Portuguese EuroMillions Lottery ticket has managed to claim the biggest lottery jackpot prize in the last year.

The winning lottery ticket managed to claim a jackpot of over £114 Million Pounds.

The fact that Portuguese Euromilhões players get paid in Euros, makes the lottery jackpot prize even larger. The winning amount in Euros is worth €163,553,041.

There is however one downside to this win, if it can be described as a downside.

The Portuguese EuroMillions Jackpot winner is going to pay a special lottery tax on this win.

Portugal is one of only three EuroMillion playing countries that taxes EuroMillion winners. The winner of this lottery draw will lose 20% of the jackpot amount to taxes.

Switzerland and Spain are the other countries that impose a lottery winners tax.

Players in the United Kingdom did experience some luck on the draw. Three EuroMillion tickets did manage to claim a second tier prize.

Each of these winning tickets wins a £276,669.50 cash prize. In total there were eight winning tickets on the Match 5 + 1 lucky star tier.

EuroMillions has now reset back to its basic jackpot level of £10 Million Pounds.

For further information on the 20 November 2015 EuroMillions draw and Millionaire Maker details,visit EuroMillion Lottery Results Here.

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