One Hundred Million Pound Jackpot Day

The headline does really say it all does it not. The EuroMillion Lottery jackpot prize is worth a massive one hundred million pounds. For those that prefer to see it in figures, it is one with a lot of zeroes attached to it. It is £100,000,000.

The lottery jackpot prize has grown to this level in a matter of three lottery draws. The first of the draws was the latest instalment of the popular series of EuroMillion Super Draws that take place randomly throughout the year. That particular draw was a roll over as was the draw on Tuesday 7 October 2014.

The fact that there has been  no winner of the main lottery prize has simply made EuroMillion Lottery that much more popular with lottery game players world-wide. A lot of the larger lottery jackpot games especially the USA Lottery games are paid out as annuities. EuroMillion Lottery does differ from this as it is a lump sum lottery game.

Essentially what the means is the prize that you see is what you get if you manage to hit the main prize. With annuity type lottery games, a portion of the prize is lost when selecting a cash prize. That amount is roughly half of the prize. The other major difference is that EuroMillions is tax-free. Most other lottery games including the large multi state lottery games in the United States apply a state and federal tax  on winnings.

With £100,000,000 in prize money on offer in the EuroMillions draw today, it would be wise to make sure that you do not leave your lottery ticket buying to the last moment. There is going to be massive demand in Supermarkets as well as Online Lottery venues. Our advice is to simply get in early and make sure you have your lottery tickets at hand. Once that is in place it is simply a question of sitting back and hoping for the best results.

Good luck on the EuroMillion Lottery game tonight. We hope that this particular draw is won as a giant amount of prize money will be spread out to lottery players in general.

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