No EuroMillion Lottery Winners

The draw on Friday for EuroMillions produced no outright winner of the lottery jackpot. That means the draw on Tuesday is going to be worth a highly lucrative £34 Million and counting. EuroMillions Draw 612 on Friday paid out £4,206,722.30 in cash prizes to 2,260,159 lottery players.

The Millionaire Raffle game on EuroMillions has been producing a large amount of headlines, as usual this portion of the UK specific raffle created another winner on Friday. According to reports there are now 19 outstanding Millionaire Raffle tickets. That means there are 19 millionaires in the United Kingdom who is missing out on this cash. Please check the results of that particular draw on our EuroMillions Results page. We list all of the Millionaire Raffle ticket details as well.

The Tuesday EuroMillions draw has proven to be highly lucrative with lottery players in the last month. In a recent article we pointed out the fact that chances of winning are better on the Tuesday draw as it seems that less players are taking part. Generally the Lottery did have a bigger jackpot on a Friday but it does seem now that more players are winning on a Tuesday draw.

With a massive £34 Million on offer this Tuesday make sure that you have lottery tickets in advance. Who knows it could be you.

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