New Lotto Draw Produces Winners

The inaugural draw of the New Lotto has produced a ton of winners. Before you start thinking that this is a new lottery hold your horses, it is not, it is the new version of the UK National Lottery game that kicked off on Saturday night with a lotto jackpot of £10 Million and raffle prizes of £20,000 for 1000 lotto players.

National Lottery game retains its appeal for UK Lotto players

The new version of the UK National Lottery is repeating the performance on Wednesday for the second draw of the Lotto game and then it is back to basics albeit with an increased draw jackpot.

There has been a lot of grumbling about the increase in the price of the National Lottery game, the price of a lottery ticket has increased from £1 to £2, but there is now a wider variety of lottery cash prizes to be won and an increased minimum lottery jackpot.

Campaigners that include Politicians and other UK Lottery games have made a point of cashing in on the price increase to get players to start playing their lottery. That is their choice. The price increase was the first one since 1994, when the Lotto game started. It had to do something to increase the lottery jackpots as it has been overshadowed in recent times by the EuroMillion Lottery game.

It is apparent from the numbers that the new National Lottery game retains its appeal for UK Lotto players, evidenced from the numbers that played the game. 466,669 lottery players won ££44,039,223 between them on Saturday night. The very first jackpot worth £10 Million has been won by a lucky UK lottery player who, as of yet, remains unidentified.

It does remain to be seen if the Lottery game will retain its appeal once these two special draws are over. We will continue to follow this matter with interest.

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