National Lottery Site Relaunch

National Lottery Site Relaunch
National Lottery Site Relaunch

It has been an eventful week for Camelot who manage the National Lottery in the United Kingdom.

Last week the National Lottery site went down on Saturday meaning that Online Lottery players who had not purchased tickets in advance for games had to do so by more traditional methods.

This week the new National Lottery site has been unveiled and the first draw of EuroMillions on the new site is worth £37,000,00.

The relaunch of the National Lottery site has been created with the digital age in mind. The new look definitely caters to Mobile Lottery and Tablet Lottery players.

With a lot more people playing lottery games via Mobile Lottery applications it did make sense to change the site so that it catered to these changes.

UK Lottery players are now able to buy online lottery tickets as well as play Scratch Card and other Instant Win type games via mobile phone directly on the National Lottery site.

Mobile Lottery Games have become increasingly popular and the change in the lottery site reflects the change in people’s attitude towards playing online lottery games.

Please note that as per our article last week, if you had an account at the previous National Lottery site and had not used it for some time, you might need to create a new National Lottery Account.

Read all the details here.

The traditional method of purchasing lottery tickets at a supermarket or newsagent is still used by many players, the habits of lottery players are changing and does reflect the increased usage of smartphones to play Mobile Lottery games.

Let us know what you think of the new National Lottery site and make sure you get your tickets for the £37 Million EuroMillion Lottery jackpot taking place today.

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