UK National Lottery Results
UK National Lottery Results

Get UK National Lottery Results here. Check for winning UK National Lottery Results and bonus number combinations on our National Lottery numbers results on the page twice a week.

Latest UK National Lottery Results

Sign up for our lottery newsletter to update you with the winning UK National Lottery numbers via email. Playing The UK National Lottery is easy. Just pick 6 numbers from 1-49. UK Lottery Draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday.

Five numbers get drawn along with a bonus number. The bonus number is relevant when you are lucky enough to match 5 main numbers. Remember that you win an amount if matching a minimum of 3 UK Lotto numbers.

National Lottery Changes

The National Lottery has, in recent years, undergone major changes. The price of a lottery ticket increased in a controversial move. There has also been the addition of a Raffle. October 2015 will see the addition of a new Millionaire Raffle game on the lottery. This will, as per EuroMillions, guarantee a Millionaire on each of the draws.

Also, there will be new incentives in place to get lottery tickets. For example, anybody who matches a 2 lotto number result will get a Lucky Dip for the next draw.

All of these changes are a direct result of the declining popularity of the National Lottery game. However, we still think that there is amazing value to play the National Lottery game. Remember that fewer tickets purchased mean better odds of winning the National Lottery Jackpot.

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