National Lottery Purchasing Warning

National Lottery Purchasing Warning

Camelot has recently announced via email that they have restricted buying Lottery tickets for both the National Lottery and the EuroMillion Lottery. 

No VPN Lottery Play Allowed

Players who want to be eligible for winnings need to make sure that they have purchased their tickets from the site in the United Kingdom.

Lottery players will not be allowed to use proxy IPs to make purchases via the National Lottery site. That means if a lottery player makes a purchase via this method and wins a sum of money, they will not be eligible to receive the funds.

We are sure about what has prompted this crackdown. Licensing restrictions in particular regions as well as prevention of illegal and underage gambling. You might be on holiday in a country that prohibits lottery games. Therefore technically, Camelot would be breaking the law. This is obviously a situation it can not allow.

How to Play Lottery If Outside the UK

Still, we can recommend anybody interested in making lottery ticket purchases that live outside of the UK or the Isle of Man that they can make use of our third-party lottery service.

Our Lottery provider buys real lottery tickets in legal jurisdictions for online lottery players and has been in operation for over 11 years.

They have paid out some massive wins, and they present a safe and secure method of making lottery ticket purchases for lotteries worldwide. If you have any queries re the 3rd party lottery service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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