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A new format National Lottery game went live on Saturday night. Camelot who manages the UK National Lottery game move ahead with a controversial change that sees the odds of hitting a lottery jackpot triple.

Camelot seems to have decided that the popularity of the EuroMillions game is affecting the National Lottery game and has moved to change the format of the lottery game. What they have done is to make it more difficult to win the main jackpot prize. That will then mean an increase in the lottery prize pot.

National Lottery Odds Lengthen

The method Camelot have applied is to increase the number of lottery balls from 49 to 59. This means it is now a lot harder to win the lottery jackpot prize.

Camelot has sweetened the deal by adding a few bits and bobs to each draw. There is a new Millionaire Raffle game as well as a Lucky Dip feature.

Lucky Dip Ticket Rewards

Lottery players who match 2 lottery numbers in a draw automatically get a Lucky Dip ticket for the next draw. This is all a payoff for having an increased amount of balls on each draw of the lottery game.

National Lottery Millionaire Raffle Game

Along with the above-mentioned Lucky Dip feature comes the National Lottery Millionaire Raffle game. This aspect has worked well for EuroMillions and it seems Camelot wants to utilize this same methodology on the UK National Lottery. Every draw of the UK National Lottery will now also see 2 million pound prizes as well as 20 £20,000 prizes on offer.

Camelot is banking on the fact that more interest will be generated with the side-show of Raffle & Lucky Dip. The fact is, it is now a lot more difficult to win a jackpot with the 10 extra balls in play.

Presumably, the idea is for fewer Lottery Jackpot prizes to be won regularly. That means bigger lottery jackpots which in turn means more player interest.

Camelot is trying to replicate the success of the EuroMillions Lottery with the National Lottery game, only time will tell if this will work. We know what our thoughts are, let us know what you think about this below.

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