National Lottery Launches New Instant Win Games

The UK National Lottery has launched two new instant win games, and players can win up to £350,000. The Purple Instant Win has a top prize of £250,000, while the Turquoise Instant Win has a maximum win of £100,000.

The Purple Instant win has fun and easy games on offer

The Purple Instant Win is priced at £2 per game and has three fun and easy games on offer with eight chances to win. As with all National Lottery Instant Win games, the rules are straightforward.

The first game has six rows, each with a star and prize symbol. Players need to click on the characters which can show the following logos a safe, a necklace, a stack of coins, a wad of notes, a suitcase, gold bars, a pot of gold, a chest, a car, a pound sign, a ring, a wallet, a crown, a gold star, a Money Bag or a Ruby. You win a cash prize if you are lucky enough to find a ruby.

The second game is similar to the first, except players win when they find a Money Bag symbol. In the third game, players click on a set of rows, and when they match three characters, they win a cash prize. The Turquoise Instant Win is priced at £1 per game, with nine blue crossed-finger logos in a 3×3 grid. All they have to do is click on the images, and if they match three symbols, they win a cash prize.

Register an account to play these instant win games at the UK National Lottery. This also allows you to play EuroMillions online, and at the time of writing, the latest EuroMillions jackpot is worth £22,000,000.

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