National Lottery Launch Festive Scratch Cards

National Lottery Christmas Scratch Cards
National Lottery Christmas Scratch Cards

The UK National Lottery announced the launch of 3 Festive Christmas Scratch Cards recently.

As scratch card games become increasingly popular, they have ensured that there is a scratch game to suit every budget. 

The most expensive of the festive scratch card games at the UK National Lottery site this year is the Christmas Millionaire Scratch Card.This is priced at £5 per scratch card.

Scratch Card players can win a top prize of £1,000,000 on the Christmas Millionaire Scratch game.

Other cash prizes on the Christmas Millionaire scratch card include £5, £10, £15, £20, £25, £40, £100, £200, £1,000, £5,000, £10,000 and £50,000 prizes.

The overall odds of winning a prize on a Christmas Scratch Card are 1 in 3.92.

The 2nd festive themed scratch card released by the National Lottery is the Snow Me the Money Scratch Card. These tickets are priced at £2 per card.

Snow Me the Money Scratch has a top prize of £80,000 and overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 3.63.

Playing Snow me the Money Scratch Card is simple, all a player has to do is click on snowmen to reveal the symbols. If two symbols match, the prize for that row is won.

The 3rd scratch card introduced for Christmas is the Happy Christmas Scratch Card. This Scratch Card has a top prize of £5,000 and is priced at just £1 per card.

To play Happy Christmas Scratch Card, players must first select if they would like a robin, penguin or reindeer character as a happy helper.

Players then get to select 9 out of 12 presents and watch as the helper helper unwraps presents to reveal cash prizes.

Play these Festive themed Scratch card games this Christmas at the National Lottery site.

There are after all prizes worth as much as £1,000,000 on offer.

Scratch Cards also make a perfect last-minute present and are available at supermarkets, news agents and petrol stations.Find venues for Online Scratch Card Games Here.

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