Mum and Son Win UK Lotto with Lucky Dip

The Teesside area of the United Kingdom certainly is a lucky area when it comes to winning lottery jackpots. The latest winners from the area have won a £7.5 Million jackpot by playing the UK Lotto with a Lucky Dip ticket.Doreen and John Hay both live on Teesside and discovered they had won a massive lottery jackpot when Doreen checked the numbers in a Sunday Newspaper.

She called John with the news who then immediately drove over to his mum to check the results. After checking the lottery numbers three times, he contacted the National Lottery who confirmed the win of £7,505,717.

The Middlesbrough areas of Teesside and Redcar do seem to have a large amount of lottery winners. Recently a lottery syndicate from Redcar won a large amount on EuroMillion Lottery, making it the second syndicate to win an amount within 3 months from the same steel plant.

The Mother and Son duo who got lucky plan to do all the traditional things that Lottery winners do. They are going to go on holiday and upgrade their existing living arrangements as you do when winning a lottery.

Doreen Hay had recently cut back on Lottery ticket purchases due to the price increase but on Saturday decided to throw caution to the wind and purchased an extra lottery ticket.

Lucky for her and her son that she did as they are now £7,5 Million to the good.

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