Monopoly Instant Win Games

Monopoly Instant Win Games
Monopoly Instant Win Games

The UK National Lottery offers two Monopoly themed instant win games, both of which offer fantastic instant payouts, between the two Scratch Cards, players can win up to £130,000.

The 1st instant win scratch card is the Monopoly Gold Edition Instant Win which are priced at £2 per game, the overall odds of winning are 1 in 2.55 games.

To play instant win games or as some call it Scratch Card is very simple, all a player has to do is select a playing piece, roll those dice and move around the board collecting prizes as they go.

Players get a chance to win not just instant prizes on the board, but also from chance or community chest cards, as well as prizes in the mini games, free parking and jail squares.

At £2 per game, playing Monopoly Gold Edition is a must for all fans of the popular board game.

The 2nd new instant win game on the UK National Lottery is the Monopoly Instant Win, this game is also priced at £2 per line of numbers,it offers a prize of up to £80,000.

There are two Scratch Card games to play and the first game is fashioned like a scratch card.

Players click on rows to show the Monopoly symbols behind the property cards and should they get 3 matching symbols in a row they win a prize for that row.

In the second game, the player clicks on the dice in the 4 rows, should they roll a double on the dice they win for the roll.

These instant wins are just some of the many games available at the UK National Lottery along with lottery games like Lotto and the Euro Million Lottery.

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