Money Money Money Instant Win Launched

The UK National Lottery has launched a new instant win game which gives players the chance to win up to £100,000.

Money Money Money Scratchcard Features

The Money Money Money scratchcard is priced at £2 per game and has three scratch card games in one.

In the newly launched Money Money Money Instant Win game, players have three games to play. In the first play, they get five briefcases, and all they have to do is match the amount in the case to a relevant prize to win.

The second game gives them four rows of cash, if their rows add up to 10, they win the prize for that row.

In the third game, the player has to choose three money bags, and if their money bag weighs more than that on the screen, they win a cash prize.

Playing the instant win game is very affordable indeed and for £2 players have a shot at winning up to £100,000.

This is the latest in a new series of instant win games available at the National Lottery.

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Bingo Scratchard Launched

Another instant win game that launched is Bingo which is priced at £3 per game and has a total prize of £300,000.

The game has a bingo theme, and players need to mark four cards.

The game has three ways to play and gives you the option of marking cards yourself, have your scratchcards marked automatically or instantly show the numbers.

A prize gets won when players complete a row, column or diagonal line or all four corners.

These games along with popular favourites like Monopoly instant win, Scrabble instant win, Snakes and Ladders instant win, Deal or No Deal instant win are all available at the UK National Lottery.

Players with an account have the added advantage of being able to play Euro Millions lottery online.

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