Please note the Millionaire Raffle Game has changed and is now the Millionaire Maker game. For more information on the new game, visit our Millionaire Maker page.

Unique Raffle Game for EuroMillions

The millionaire Raffle on EuroMillion Lottery is unique to EuroMillion players in the United Kingdom. For each Lottery draw, every player automatically gets allocated a Millionaire Raffle number for lottery tickets purchased.

The Raffle part of the Lottery game creates a new Millionaire on each popular lottery draw. In some instances, the lottery has unique draws like the recent Million a Month for 12 months Millionaire Raffle prize. Adding the Millionaire Raffle to EuroMillions added an extra 50 pence to the cost of EuroMillion Lottery tickets. The lottery game has become increasingly popular due to the promise of creating a new Raffle Millionaire on each draw.

Automatic Raffle Entry

UK Lottery players are automatically entered into each lottery draw and allocated a series of letters and six numbers for each ticket. Millionaire Raffle letters precede the numbers on the Raffle in the following way: abc123456. Using this method ensures that no duplication of the Millionaire Raffle numbers occurs. Interestingly reported odds of winning a Millionaire Raffle are better if taking part in a Tuesday rather than a Friday draw.

This is primarily due to the number of lottery players participating plus the number of lottery tickets purchased on different draw days. A machine draws Millionaire Raffle Numbers; it’s an Automated Draw Machine that has been tested and certified for its ability to select a Raffle ticket randomly. Other Lottery games run a Millionaire Raffle game, most notably the Florida Lottery and The Hoosier Lottery.

Unique EuroMillion Games Per Country

Other European Countries have their separate games unique to their EuroMillion draw. Ireland and Portugal both run an extra game called EuroMillions Plus. The millionaire Raffle on EuroMillions is only available to UK EuroMillion Lottery players.

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