Millionaire Raffle to create 100 Millionaires

July is set to be a very special month for EuroMillions. The news that the Millionaire Raffle part of the Lottery is to create 100 new millionaires this month is bound to get lottery players in the United Kingdom playing and the lottery jackpot growing.

Please note that the special Millionaire Raffle game to create all these Millionaires only takes place on the 26th of July Lottery draw. Lottery organisers hope to break a world record by ensuring that all 100 Millionaire Raffle prizes are claimed.

Only 97 of the winning Millionaire Raffle tickets were claimed.

The last Millionaire Raffle game to run this kind of Raffle was on the eve of the London Olympics, and only 97 of the winning Millionaire Raffle tickets were claimed. That means that three people have missed out on becoming Millionaires somewhere out there.

As ever, we always recommend buying Lottery tickets online. Lottery players from the United Kingdom can purchase Official Lottery tickets right here, including the Millionaire Raffle portion of the ticket. Simply click on the UK EuroMillions Lottery Tickets below.

The Millionaire Raffle is specific to the United Kingdom. Players from other regions of the world can take part in EuroMillions. Simply click on the World EuroMillions tickets link below.

We are looking forward to the 26th of July, but in the interim, there is a £22,000,000 jackpot to be won today.

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