Millionaire Month kicks off at EuroMillions

UK Lottery players have two big reasons to play the EuroMillions game tonight. The first is a massive jackpot of £30 million and the second is eighteen chances at winning £1,000,000.

As the jackpot for the EuroMillions lottery was not won last week, it rolled over for the second time and tonight could win a very lucky player, a life changing sum of £30,000,000.

UK National Lottery also announced the Millionaire Month which will see a total of fifty players win the Millionaire Raffle which normally guarantees two millionaires every week.

However on two special days, players have mega jackpots to look forward to and today, eighteen players will have a chance at the Millionaire Raffle followed by a second mega draw on 23rd December which has a total of twenty-five millionaire raffles on offer.

The price of the tickets on these days remains the same and the only thing that’s different is that lottery players have that many more chances at winning £1,000,000.

Thanks to the double rollover of the EuroMillions jackpot, it’s not just the top prize that’s gone up in value but even the twelve other prizes on offer will be worth much more tonight.

Last week, on a single rollover, the second tier prize was worth €517,285 and was won by two players who matched all the five main numbers and one Lucky Star. The third tier prize was worth €86,214 and four players won that amount each by matching five mains. As one can imagine, with an extra rollover, the prizes will be that much bigger tonight.

Tickets can be purchased for tonight as well as for the 23rd December’s lottery right away either online or at land based retail stores. To play online lottery, simply open an account at UK National Lottery and don’t forget, lottery results can be checked at EuroMillion Lottery.

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Written by Joe Taylor for EuroMillion Lottery – your best source for lottery news

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