Millionaire Maker is the additional game on the EuroMillions draw that UK players automatically enter when getting a lottery ticket. It pays a million so it’s worth paying attention to the following details.

Millionaire Maker Game on UK EuroMillions

How Millionaire Maker Works

How The Millionaire Maker Works for Players

  1. What to do To get Millionaire Maker Entry Tickets

    The Millionaire Maker game works in the same way that the old Millionaire Raffle game worked. UK EuroMillion players get alphanumeric details printed on lottery tickets. Now here comes the part of the raffle that has changed, and it is for the better. It is also one of the reasons for the increased popularity of the UK EuroMillions game.

  2. How To Check & Claim Your Millionaire Prize

    It’s as simple as checking the code on your EuroMillion Lottery ticket. Each UK EuroMillions ticket will have a Millionaire Maker code.

Millionaire Maker Prizes On Offer

This unique part of the lottery game still pays out a 1 Million Pound prize to winning players. However, the added benefit of a luxury prize that changes weekly attached to the award is also now.

New Luxury Prizes

Each week Millionaire Maker rewards winning lottery tickets with a different luxury prize. As a result, EuroMillions players get luxury holidays and expensive cars and gifts once in a lifetime. All this comes from winning the £1,000,000 prize associated with the Millionaire game. But, if you thought that was it, there is more to this part of the lottery game.

Mega Friday EuroMillions Draw

The last Friday of each month is now called a Mega Friday EuroMillion Lottery Draw. That means more prizes and gifts to UK EuroMillion players. Instead of the usual one-winning Millionaire Maker Raffle, EuroMillions now offers increased prizes. As a result, the most significant number of awards paid out on a lottery draw is ten Millionaire prizes in a single draw. EuroMillion Lottery players can still become Millionaires when playing the lottery game, even if no cash prizes get won on the actual lottery draw. Millionaire Maker steps into that gap and provides an extra opportunity to win life-changing amounts of prize money.

UK EuroMillion Players Only

Millionaire Maker is, of course, unique to the UK version of EuroMillions. Other Official EuroMillion playing regions have add-on game versions; none are as attractive or as rewarding as Millionaire Maker.

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