Million Pound Prize Lost

Million Pound Prize Lost
Million Pound Prize Lost

Yet another Million Pound Prize has been lost by a lottery player on a EuroMillion draw in the United Kingdom.

The prize had been won as part of a Mega Friday Lottery draw, that included a luxury yacht trip, has now been returned to the Good Causes Fund.

The winning Millionaire Maker lottery ticket was bought in Berkshire at the end of April 2015.

Lottery players in the United Kingdom lose out on tens of millions of pounds in prizes each year
by either not checking lottery results or forgetting about winning lottery tickets.

UK Lottery players have 6 months to make a claim.Once this time period elapses,the
prize is forfeited, as stated above, the prize money is moved to the Good Causes Fund.

We can not imagine that there would be too many people who could afford to miss out on a Million Pound payday. Add to that a Luxury Yacht trip of a lifetime.

Out there somewhere is an unlucky lottery player who has not checked their lottery ticket and as
a result has missed out on all of this.

It is a situation that can so easily be avoided.There is the option to get lottery tickets online.
When getting lottery tickets online,everything is taken care of instantly.

Players do not need to check results as this is done automatically. Players are also emailed if they
have a winning lottery combination.

Is that not the clever thing to do?

Rather take the 5 minutes to set up an Online Lottery account or miss out on a Million Pound Prize.

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