Middlesbrough Lottery Player Loses £245k Jackpot

A Middlesbrough EuroMillions Lottery player has lost out on a £245,044.80 pay day after not claiming the win within the 180 day time period. This extends the run of lottery winners that have not claimed prizes.

In addition to this lost EuroMillions jackpot, there is at the present time a £12 Million EuroMillions jackpot outstanding for a ticket bought in the Ladywood area of Birmingham. The owner of that ticket has just over a month to claim the jackpot prize, or it too will be lost to the good causes fund.

The final major jackpot of the week to remain unclaimed is a £10 Million National Lottery jackpot which has been won by a lottery ticket bought in Bradford. The winning player/s has yet to claim their win.

It is one thing ensuring that you have a ticket to win a lottery, the important part though is to check wether the lottery numbers you have chosen have come up or not. It seems that far to many UK Lottery players are not doing this and are simply assuming that their numbers have not come up.

As you can tell from the litany of missed Lottery wins above, it can be an expensive mistake. Make sure you check your lottery results all the time. There are many resources available both online and offline. To view all of the EuroMillion Lottery results simply visit our home page and click on the appropriate lottery you want to check.

It really is as easy as that and could save you a lot of cash.

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