Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot at $586 Million

The massive Mega Millions Lottery jackpot is growing much quicker simply due to its size, attracting lottery players worldwide. After the last rollover, the jackpot was $550,000,000. Instead, it has grown to $586,000,000.

The mega Millions jackpot total is the second-largest lottery game of all time.

Mega Millions is, of course, a USA Lottery game that online lottery players now have access to via our online lottery ticket service. The value displayed on US Lottery games is always the annuity value.

The cash value of any lottery jackpot win is always less, like a part of the amount is lost when asking for cash. The current cash value of this jackpot is $316 Million. This is the one difference between US lottery games and EuroMillions. EuroMillions is a cash lump-sum lottery that is tax-free in the United Kingdom. However, mega Million lottery players still have to pay tax on jackpot wins, reducing the amount.

It has to be said, though, that many lottery players would be willing to make this sacrifice in exchange for a win on a lottery game of this size. The current Mega Millions jackpot total is the second-largest lottery game of all time. If the lottery prize is not won today, it will break the largest lottery jackpot of all time of $656 Million. This was also a Mega Millions lottery jackpot total set back in March 2012.

To learn how to play the lottery game and when the next draw takes place, visit Mega Millions Lottery here.

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