May Day EuroMillion Draw

euro-million-lottery-logo-150The 1st day of May is always a day that is eagerly anticipated for a number of reasons. First of all its a Bank Holiday, or supposed to be, this year it is also the setting for the first EuroMillion Lottery draw in the month of May 2015.

UK EuroMillion Lottery players have had an extended run of good fortune in EuroMillion Lottery draws in recent weeks.

First there was a £53 Million jackpot win in the early part of April followed a mere two weeks later by a £36 Million win.

The last EuroMillion Lottery win coincided with a Mega Friday EuroMillions draw that saw ten lottery players Win a Million pounds each.Each of them also picked up a Luxury Yacht Cruise.

Although the May Day EuroMillion Draw is not at the same prize level as either of the two amounts above, it is still worth a very respectable £17,000,000.

By the time the lottery draw takes place tonight in Paris,it will have grown that bit more.There is also the newish Millionaire Maker Raffle part of EuroMillions to play for.

Whether you are playing EuroMillions in the traditional way or getting lottery tickets online,make sure you do get a EuroMillion Lottery ticket.Often even winning a lesser prize has life changing amounts of cash associated.

Monday could very well be a very relaxing day with a few million in the bank account. Of course Monday is the official Bank Holiday.

EuroMillion players who buy lottery tickets online also have very little to worry about and have the advantage of being notified re a win.

Whichever way you decide to play EuroMillions this May Day, make sure you are playing it. From our real experience with the lottery, we noticed that the main prize is won fairly often after a big lottery win.

We do think that there will be a winner today,the only question  remaining is,will it be you ?

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