Massive UK Euromillions Win

Another UK Euro Million Lottery player has won a massive jackpot. All of the traditional media in the UK are going wild with stories as to how wealthy the £63.8 million lottery jackpot will be and where it will place them on wealth lists.

It is certainly a life changing amount and we wish the winner the best of luck. As of yet the prize has yet to be claimed so check any Euro Million tickets that are lying about.

This particular jackpot was shared between a Belgian lottery winner or it would have been a lot larger. Precisely double the amount that is. This is the 6th time in this year that a UK Lottery player has won a major amount on the Euro Millions.

To view results of draws you can also visit our Euro Millions Results page

At the present time the EuroMillion Lottery jackpot is at just over £21 million. Although smaller than the jackpot amount that was recently won the lottery jackpots are growing a lot quicker because there are now 2 draws per week. As ever we highly recommend purchasing tickets online. If you are outside of the official countries participating in the Euro Million Lottery make use of our 3rd party lottery service. Lottery tickets are bought and sent to players.

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