Massive Slots Jackpot Win

A lucky slots player is waking up today after winning a massive $5,201,558.97 on the Mega Moolah Slots game. We have told people that there are life changing amounts to be won on slot games and this is an example of one of the progressive slot games that can change your fortunes.

Apparently the player is a novice player – whatever that means , its slots , so what skill goes into that , it’s all about luck at the end of the day. The slot player won the jackpot playing with a 50 cents bet. They probably dont tell you how much he bet , they left that part out in the PR re the win.

It is a significant win though and there are a lot of slot jackpots like this that can be won. Progressive slot jackpots have some huge jackpots and that includes the Marvel Slot games that we have listed on our Slot Games page.

The odds of winning one of these jackpots is better than winning the lottery , we do have to say though that it is a lot cheaper to play the lottery than it is to play the slot games. You might want to have a punt every now and again though. Who knows what you can win, and as they say , fortune favours the brave.

Written for Euro Million Lottery by Greg.

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