Massive EuroMillion Lottery Win

The massive EuroMillion Lottery jackpot of the last draw has been won. The value of the EuroMillion Lottery by the time the draw took place on Friday had climbed to a massive £121,000,000.

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Lottery Jackpot

Demand for EuroMillion Lottery tickets was red hot, and it is reported that the official website of the lottery game in the United Kingdom was unable to meet the demand and a glitch developed just before the cut-off time for the draw.

Anybody who bought lottery tickets which did not make this specific lottery draw will have their tickets entered into next week’s draw. Scant consolation after missing out on a massive lottery jackpot like that but there you go.

There were two winning EuroMillion tickets, and both came from outside the United Kingdom.

One of the winning EuroMillion tickets was bought in Belgium, and one of the tickets was in Portugal. They will split the prize money, which totalled an amount of £121,722,017.

The winning EuroMillion Lottery numbers were: 6, 12, 21, 27 and 33. Lucky Star numbers were 3 and 7.

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