Manchester Scratchcard Win

A scratch card player from Manchester has struck it lucky playing National Lottery Scratchcard games. Scratchcards are a popular form of gaming because jackpots are instant, and while the amounts won are not as large as lottery jackpots, some wins can be life-changing, as readers can tell from the account below.

scratchcard games tend to pay out often.

Manchester Scratchcard Jackpot Win

Tony Beveridge, who hails from Irlam in Manchester, bought his first two scratchcards of the day and won £20 and £3 on them. In his own words, he decided to try a third cheeky scratchcard and hit the jackpot with an £80,000 win on the Lucky Streak scratchcard game.

According to reports, he could not believe his luck and asked for verification of the win four times before it sunk in.

He immediately called his wife to let her know of his good fortune. Scratch games have become increasingly popular with players because they do tend to pay out often.

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Scratchcard Games – Budget Carefully

Scratch games have become increasingly popular with players since they tend to pay out often. As pointed out above, the jackpots are not as large as Lottery jackpots and caution should be used when playing scratch card games.

The fact is that they are straightforward to play, and although there are decent amounts to be won, it is very easy to buy tickets and go through them very quickly means that these games should be treated with caution.

For every scratchcard winner’s story, there have to be multiple losers in the games for these scratch games to remain viable. Scratchcards should be treated as a form of gambling, and players should only purchase them as part of their weekly lottery buy. Also, it is wise only to use funds that are allocated for this sort of gaming.

Tony Beveridge is a lucky man, and we wish him well with his win. The amount is a life-changing one. £ 80,000 does go some way, even in today’s difficult economic climate.

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