Lottery Winners Not Claiming Jackpots

EuroMillion Winners Not Claiming Jackpots Winning the Lottery is everybody’s dream. Hitting a multi million pound jackpot and then living the life of Reilly is what it is all about.. It seems though that EuroMillion Lottery players from all over the United Kingdom are missing out on these life changing lottery jackpots on a regular basis.

At the present the largest outstanding EuroMillion Lottery win from the UK is a £12 Million jackpot that was won a little over 5 months ago. The win came from a special Millionaire Raffle game and was won by a ticket bought in the Ladywood area of Birmingham. Ladywood is not an affluent area of the city so a win of this nature is bound to change the life of someone for the good if claimed within the specified time period.

Scottish EuroMillion players at the moment have three winners of Millionaire Raffle prizes outstanding. Yes it seems that even the thrifty Scottish are at it and ignoring or misplacing lottery tickets that have wins for amounts that are life changing. Two of the winners are from the Fife area and one from East Dunbartonshire.

All of these Lottery wins have been highlighted with media campaigns via National and Local Media sources to find the winners. Of course the biggest lottery jackpot to go unclaimed on EuroMillions by a UK player was for the amount of £38 Million. Can you imagine being £38 Million to the good and not claiming it. This is what has happened.

These jackpot amounts are not lost as they go to a variety of funds that use the money to fund causes around the country. So society does benefit from this but we would far rather see a Lottery player benefit from the win after having taken the time to make a lottery ticket purchase.

Lottery players in the United Kingdom seem to forget about or not believe that it could be them that has won a lottery jackpot and Millions of Pounds worth of jackpots is lost by players. To avoid this scenario we always advocate purchasing lottery tickets online. The reasons for this are simple and efficient.

Registering with an Online Lottery ticket provider means that lottery tickets are automatically scanned for wins and players are advised automatically to log into accounts to check for wins. This means that players do not need to check for winning Lottery or Millionaire Raflle details. It is done for them.

The other important factor is that all identification details are available, and it is a safe and secure method of purchasing lottery tickets. Who has not heard of the Shop workers that tried to scam lottery winners out of jackpots after being given lottery tickets for checking. Purchasing Lottery tickets online is also convenient once the account is set up. So no more standing in lines at a Cigarette counter waiting for tickets.

Old habits die-hard and can be expensive as we have seen from the amount of lottery winners that walk away empty-handed after landing a jackpot win. Make sure that this does not happen to you.Check out our homepage for all the official online lottery ticket providers.

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