Lottery Winners and Revealing Identities

Winning the lottery is many a persons dream and rightly so when Fortune smiles down on a person it is tempting to shout out to the world and proclaim what luck has brought in.

Most Lottery winners do this out of a sense of joy we can only imagine as luck does play a rather large role in winning a jackpot either large or small.

In recent times there have been spate of articles both online and offline as to whether it is wise for Lottery Jackpot winners to reveal their identities.

The reason for that is simple. Once the initial euphoria has settled the requests for cash from all and sundry will come flowing in. Requests from family we can understand, but apparently it does not end there.

Take the example of the recent EuroMillions Lottery jackpot winner who kept his 2nd hand music shop open after winning over £148 million. According to reports he had people walking into his premises asking for cash and some got abusive after being refused. He has according to reports shut down the shop.

A recent Illinois Lottery winner is suspected of being murdered via cyanide poisoning after sharing the good news of his $1 million win. Initially this poor man was adjudged to have passed away via natural causes. His family however asked for a closer look into what now transpires to be a murder case.

There are of course instances where the news is uplifting. A EuroMillions Lottery Syndicate on Teesside has split a £1 million win among 19 members of the syndicate. That works out to just over £52k each and although not making them fabulously wealthy it does ease the pressure just a bit.

Winning the Lottery is fantastic and whether the amount is large or small it always helps pay the bills.

If you do win a large lottery jackpot, make sure that you have those around you that will be able to deflect some of the attention that is going to come your way.

Either that or do not go public at all. We know what we are going to do when we win the Lottery. What will you do?

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