Lottery Winners and Losers

Lottery News this week has been dominated by stories about Lottery Winners and Lottery Losers, as well as massive lottery jackpots on offer.

We started of the week with a massive £157,000,000 EuroMillion Lottery jackpot on offer.

This EuroMillion jackpot was within striking distance of the record amount,was won by Belgian and Irish Lottery players.

They split the winning prize amount, the payment in those 2 EuroMillion countries is in Euros, which means they both won an estimated €94,000,000.

In the United Kingdom, the big news was the media discovering that an eighteen year old lad had won a £22 Million lottery playing on EuroMillions.

He has joined a select bunch of teenagers who have been fortunate enough to win a life changing amount on lottery games.He is definitely labelled as a Lottery Winner.

This also brought to the fore a number of stories re lottery losers. Initially, these people had won significant amounts on a particular lottery and then proceeded to blow all the cash.

The most high-profile member of this club is the self-proclaimed ” King of Chavs ” Michael Carroll who won £10 Million on the UK National Lottery when he was 19.

He was famous for his excessive lifestyle and irritating his neighbours by holding demolition derbies in the back garden of his Norwich mansion.

Mr. Carroll now works in a Biscuit Factory somewhere in Scotland.

All of this highlights choices Lottery players make are important as some jackpots don’t last forever. It is important to plan and getting financial advice is critical.

These Lottery Winners would have still have had many life experiences that would otherwise have been denied to them, so in that sense they are winners.

The winners in all of this are Charities and the public at large. Billions of pounds have been spent on good causes and other noble causes.

This means that less of our tax money is spent on restoring old buildings, we can only benefit from that. So it is a good thing all round to play the lottery.

Instead of the usual article on a Friday where we list EuroMillion jackpot amounts, we thought we would simply highlight some of the good works that lottery games create in our day-to-day lives.

Todays EuroMillion Lottery draw is for the regulation amount of £12,000,000 after some lucky lottery winners won the huge jackpot on Tuesday.

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