Why do Lottery Players Miss Out on Lottery Wins

Winning a lottery jackpot is a life changing event. For most lottery players it remains the dream to win a massive lottery so that we can benefit our family and friends and save the world. Ok that last part might have been a bit too much.

It seems that it is much easier for lottery players to buy a lottery ticket and then for whatever reason they tend to miss out on cashing in when the numbers come up. There are many examples of huge lottery jackpot wins going unclaimed, this is very perplexing and frustrating for us. Over the years we have covered a huge amount of lottery wins stories, the one constant is the fact that so many Lottery players miss out on life changing lottery wins.

In the United Kingdom a £38 Million EuroMillions Lottery jackpot was lost to the Good Causes Fund after no one claimed the win for six months. At the present time there is a £12 Million EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle ticket that is outstanding which is due to expire soon.

That particular lottery ticket was bought in a deprived part of the country so chances are that it would be a win that could change a huge amount of lives if claimed. Missing out on lottery wins is not restricted to the UK.

In the USA a $1 Million Powerball Lottery Jackpot is about to be lost after not being claimed for 6 months. The owner of that Lottery ticket has until the 5th of October 2013 to make their claim before the winnings are lost.

A Chinese man from Zhejiang recently almost lost out on a massive $16 Million Jackpot on the Chinese Lottery. Luckily for him he went back to the Lottery store who were advertising that the winner had come from their lottery store.

The main factor as far as we can tell as to why Lottery winners do not claim jackpots is a really simple one. They forget about their lottery ticket. After making a purchase of the lottery ticket they simply put it in a wallet or other storage area and forget about it.

The other factor must be the reasoning that players simply believe that they could not win the lottery. This is perhaps why a lot of players simply purchase a lottery ticket and then forget about it. This as we can point out from a huge range of lost lottery wins is a mistake.

Lottery Wins do happen and it is down to the player to check the lottery results to make the claim and bank the cash. It is hugely frustrating for us to see these lottery wins go unclaimed especially when there are modern methods that could ensure a player gets any wins automatically.

We are of course talking about Online Lottery Ticket services. All of the major Lottery Games now offer an Online Lottery ticket service. We are of course mainly talking about European and US Lottery games such as EuroMillions and Powerball Lottery.

All of these Lotteries offer an official lottery site for players in the participating areas to make online lottery ticket purchases. This enables the lottery to contact a player automatically when a win occurs as all player details including email address, phone number and home address will be verified on registration at the official lottery site.

Registration at any of these official lottery sites is quick and easy and the time should be taken to fill out these details to ensure that no lottery wins are lost. Players worldwide are now playing lottery games even if they are not in the official countries making use of Online Lottery ticket services.

That means that US Lottery players can participate in the EuroMillion Lottery and UK Lottery players can take part in the Powerball and other popular US Lottery games. They do so by simply signing up to an approved and trusted online lottery service.

Using Online Lottery services is become a lot more widespread and common. Online Lottery services also mean that scam artists are not able to fool a player as they can instantly check any and all lottery tickets.

It therefore remains very frustrating for us to see so many people losing out on so many lottery wins and is the main inspiration for this article. To view all of the biggest jackpots visit our Online Lottery Games page.

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