Lottery Jackpot Now £34 Million

Lottery Jackpot Now £34 Million
Lottery Jackpot Now £34 Million

The EuroMillion Lottery Jackpot is now worth £34 Million in prize money after the draw held on Tuesday 22 September 2015. The rollover means that interest in the lottery will increase.

The last month has seen a series of lottery draws being won by players across Europe,this new £34 Million Pound lottery jackpot is the largest for some time.

Despite the fact there was no winner of the Lottery Jackpot, UK EuroMillion players did have some satisfying results in the draw.

Of the three 2nd tier prize winners, 2 of the winning lottery tickets were purchased in the United Kingdom. Each of these lottery tickets is worth £252,623.60 in prize money.

The 2nd tier prize level is of course correctly getting 5 numbers and 1 lucky star.

EuroMillion Lottery paid out over £2.6 Million Pounds in prize money to UK EuroMillion players alone in the last draw.

There is also the guaranteed £1 Million Millionaire Maker Prize on the lottery draws to take into account.

It is no surprise that EuroMillions remains so popular, players do not even have to win the main prize to get their hands on life changing amounts of money.

Make sure you have your EuroMillion Lottery tickets for the next £34 Million Pound Lottery Jackpot draw.

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