Lottery Jackpot Has Been Won

The massive EuroMillions Lottery jackpot has been won. The total jackpot was worth £159,559,034 and two winning tickets have split this amount. It seems that there are no UK winning tickets for the main prize. Two British players did however manage to get 5 numbers and 1 lucky star.

EuroMillions paid out a total of £7,730,837.50 to 5,178,161 lottery players in the last draw. There is a consolation prize for UK players of the lottery as a new Millionaire has been created by the Millionaire Raffle portion of the game. The winning alpha numeric characters are : RWR658214.

Reports are emerging that one of the winning lottery tickets was bought in Ireland, the other half of this formidable Lottery jackpot has been won by a Belgian Lottery player. Half of the prize money in Euros is worth €94,000,000.

Please ensure that you check this part of the Lottery ticket as just recently a winning Millionaire Raffle ticket has exceeded the time limit to be claimed and an unlucky lottery player has lost the money to the Good Causes Fund.

The two British players who managed to get 5 numbers and 2 lucky stars each gets a massive £246,015.90. In total there were eight players across Europe to match this result.Twenty players managed to match 5 numbers, each of those gets £32,802.10 which is a fairly decent amount.

The next draw on Friday will see the lottery revert to the default lottery total of £12,000,000 which is a bit deflating after trying to win a near record lottery jackpot. Lottery players do have a number of lottery games to target this Friday. There is also the Euro Jackpot Lottery which is currently worth €26,000,000 in prize money.

This will have to console all of us Lottery fanatics until the next time there is a huge lottery jackpot on offer.

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