Lottery Jackpot Climbs to £57 Million

£57 Million Jackpot
£57 Million Jackpot

The lottery jackpot on EuroMillions has rolled over once more. It is now worth a massive £57,000,000 in prize money for a single ticket winner.

This level of lottery jackpot will mean a lot more part-time players will start considering whether to play or not.

The allusion to part-time lottery players is not meant to be sarcastic, with EuroMillion Lottery tickets costing £2 a go, it can become very expensive to take part in every draw.

A lot of lottery players are only attracted when the jackpot reaches mega levels.

Mega EuroMillion Lottery Jackpot

What we would describe as a EuroMillion Mega Level Jackpot is any jackpot above £50 Million.

With the current jackpot approaching the £60 Million mark,it means more players playing, the jackpot growing even faster,and less chances to win.

We say less chances to win as the more players there are, the bigger the odds of winning. The odds are immense in any event and the increase does not make much of a difference.

Together with the massive May 2016 EuroMillion jackpot, there is also huge interest in other online lottery games. We are of course referring to the massive USA Lotteries that are worth more than $565,000,000 in prize money.

Unlike EuroMillions,these lottery games do not pay out as a lump sum,they pay out either as an annuity or winners lose a portion of the jackpot if they select cash.

EuroMillions remains the largest lump sum lottery game in the world. With a £57 Million jackpot to play for, May is going to be a fantastic month for some lucky lottery players.

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