Lottery Funds invest and Protect in the UK

Lottery Funds are making a lot of headlines in recent times. For those that do not know these Lottery Funds are funded by a portion of each lottery ticket purchase. They have been set up with the express purpose of funding projects that otherwise would have to rely on the taxpayer or local government.

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As the EuroMillion Lottery is the largest and most popular, we can safely say that it contributes the most to the Lottery funds. There are currently some funds that dish out cash to various recipients. The Heritage Lottery Fund assumes the role of protecting Heritage sites across the United Kingdom. The Big Lottery Fund also awards funds to community projects focusing on health, education and the environment.

These lottery funds are both protecting and creating jobs in the United Kingdom. Some recent examples of the work being done are as follows.

The Heritage Lottery

The Heritage Lottery fund has awarded £9.4 million for the creation of the Windemere Steam Boat Museum. This means that visitors to the popular lake destination will be able to sail on the world’s oldest mechanical boat and visit a new Museum which will create jobs locally in the community.

Gower in South Wales has been granted a £1.3 million grant to protect its unique landscape. This project is all about the environment and the protection of the Gower Peninsula as well as the opening up of unspoilt areas for people to enjoy.

Knole in Sevenoaks is a historic mansion used by King Henry the Eighth as a hunting lodge. It is being restored, when finished, visitors to the listed site will be able to visit the new Visitor Centre and view the restoration work on furniture and paintings that are part of the Historical building.

The Big Lottery fund, in the meantime, awards funds to community projects mainly dealing with health and education. An example of the work carried out by the Big Lottery fund is the funding of Olympic athletes for the very successful London Olympics.

This is a very short explanation and a few examples of where money is spent by Lottery Funds that get money from tickets that Lottery players buy.

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