Lottery Funds Award Huge Range of Grants

Lottery Funds in the United Kingdom have been in the media constantly this week with a huge range of grants funding a diverse range of projects.

Both of the big lottery games in the UK,namely EuroMillions and The Lotto have good cause funds.

The Heritage Lottery Fund and the Big Lotto Fund both provide a cash lifeline to a variety of projects that would otherwise struggle for funding.

Some of the projects that we have seen funded this week deserve to struggle and we have been debating wether the use of these good cause funds could not be better spent by directing the funds directly to either educational or health related causes.

An example of some of the projects where we think there is questionable value are the funding of Radcliffe Tower in Bury to the tune of £267,000 to increase the interest and hopefully attract new visitors to the town centre.

A further example of lottery funding was the recent creation of a museum and funding of an ancient steamboat in the Lake District. How does this type of project gain approval and surely there must be some criteria involved for selecting worthwhile projects.

The betterment of society as a whole is what seems to be the driving force around the majority of lottery grants,the issue that we have is that we think that the grants should be awarded to more tangible things.

The funding of Olympic athletes we can totally understand ,however putting lottery players money into museums and questionable projects when education and health issues are far more important is something we would like to get involved with.

This week there is a £79 million jackpot on offer and this will mean that a lot of cash will be directed as a matter of course to these funds. How this money gets spent should also surely be a lot more transparent.

The team at EuroMillion Lottery are going to be contacting the individual lottery funds to gain further knowledge re the process and we will be reporting back on our findings.

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