Liverpool EuroMillions Syndicate Win

A EuroMillions syndicate from Liverpool has won a massive £28,000,000 lottery jackpot on the popular EuroMillion Lottery. The win came on last week’s Tuesday draw. The Tuesday Lottery draw for EuroMillions is proving to be highly lucrative for lottery players.

Liverpool workers quit working who win the Lottery

It has been reported that the syndicate of ten workers at a recruitment firm in Liverpool have won the lottery jackpot and have all decided to quit working. This is one recruitment company that will need to recruit staff in double-quick time.

There is, however, one bit of controversy surrounding the lottery win. One member of staff who regularly takes part in the syndicate called in sick with morning sickness and could not participate in the draw. According to newspaper reports, she is going to be hiring a solicitor in an attempt to get the other members of the syndicate to cough up some cash.

According to the reports, the woman in question has paid into the syndicate for the last two years but could not participate in the winning draw as she called in ill. This is a tough one; if her co-workers had a bit of sympathy, they would each take a bit of a hit to put her right. It shows that there should always be a signed lottery syndicate agreement to prevent issues like this from cropping up.

This Tuesday EuroMillions draw is worth £19 million. This is after drawing 606 on Friday, rolling over with no main prize winners. Prizes totalling £3,349,874.70 were paid out to 2,311,468 lottery players across Europe. Friday draws become increasingly difficult to win, with no lottery player hitting five numbers and a lucky star.

The biggest UK EuroMillions win was for the amount of £281,685.90 for matching five numbers. Two lucky UK EuroMillion players managed to walk away with this amount. To participate in this week’s lottery draw, use our Online Lottery ticket Service.

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