Last January Draw Produces Winner

The last EuroMillions Lottery draw of January 2013 produced a winner of the lottery jackpot.The total estimated lottery jackpot for the draw was a massive £59,249,234 or just over €72,000,000 as the winner was a French EuroMillions player.

French Lottery players have had an incredible run of luck during the month of January with this EuroMillions win being the second major win for the month. The first win was a half-share of a £108 Million lottery jackpot at the beginning of the month.

The incredible run of luck for French lottery players is the exact opposite of what British EuroMillion players are experiencing at the moment. The UK has not had any big lottery wins for some time although there have been some very nice consolation wins.

EuroMillions Draw 664 saw one UK player win £666,220.40 for correctly getting 5 numbers and a single lucky star correct. Only two players managed to get this result which meant more prize money individually.

Twelve Lottery players in total managed to correctly get 5 numbers correct on the draw and the prize payout is smaller than it usually is for that number of correct balls. Prize money for each player totals £37,012.20.

As usual there was a winner of the Millionaire Raffle in the United Kingdom. The Alpha Numeric  details for the Raffle are QVG418871.

Please make sure that if you bought a EuroMillions lottery ticket that you check the results. Lottery players often ignore this part and millions of pounds in lottery winnings has already been lost to the Good Causes Fund this year.

To view results please visit the EuroMillions Lottery Results page here.

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