Jamaican Lottery Scammers in the Dock

According to reports there have been a large amount of letters and phone calls received by people in the United States emanating from Lottery scam artists based in Jamaica. The issue has been brought to light after an elderly man admitted to losing his life savings.

The lottery scam which reportedly targets elderly people in the USA has received wide-spread coverage across the media as well as in Government circles. Some elderly residents in the USA have lost 6 figure sums to these con artists and in response the USA Federal authorities and the Jamaican authorities have set up a task force to combat this issue.

Lottery scams are not a new thing. The willingness of people to hand over cash to a stranger on the internet though is very worrying and something concrete needs to be done re this issue. One of the reasons for the setting up of the Euro Million Lottery site is to prevent scam artists from making use of the name. We actively help people who ask on a regular basis whether an email they received is valid or not.

Please note that an official lottery will never email players telling them they have won a staggering amount of money. They will also never ask for an Admin Fee or Tax to process these winnings. If you ever come across this kind of email advising you that you have won untold millions. Our advice is to simply delete it. If it is too good to be true than it is.

One last factor to take into account if the above has not convinced you. Ask yourself if you have bought a lottery ticket. It is simply not possible to win any Lottery if you have not bought a Lottery ticket. There are not lotteries that pay out jackpots based on Phone Numbers or Email addresses.

These fictitious Lotteries are the work of Scam artists based all over the world these days. Initially all the Internet Scams we saw originated mainly from supposedly Nigeria in Africa but it seems that where there is an Internet Connection there is a Lottery Scam artist waiting to prey on some innocent hoping for a large amount of cash to change their lives.

Do not be fooled and buy your Lottery tickets online so that you can check all wins and losses yourself. If you ever get a call from people purporting to be from a Lottery or Sweepstakes company, simply hang up.

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