Jackpot Grows to £51 Million

The EuroMillion Lottery jackpot has grown to be worth a massive £51,000,000.00 for the lottery draw scheduled to take place on Friday 27 February 2015.

When the EuroMillions jackpot is at these levels we tend to see some serious buying of lottery tickets for the game.

It as at this stage that people who generally do not play lottery games or those who say that lottery is a waste of money start getting tickets.

The main reason for that is that winning a lottery jackpot of this size or even winning a part of the main prize would change lives for ever.

The Friday EuroMillion Lottery draw will prove to be extra popular with UK players as well as it is a Mega Friday draw.Mega Friday draws occur on the last Friday of each month.

There will be an extra ten UK millionaires created by EuroMillion Lottery in the Millionaire Maker part of the game.

Along with the creation of the ten new millionaires, all the winners will get to go on a luxury Safari holiday as well as choose a gift from a selection of Diamonds.

To get a taste of what winners will experience take a look at the Video below. Simply amazing is what we think.

In the interim if you are based outside of the Official EuroMillion Lottery playing zones, please make sure that you get your lottery tickets for the draw in good time.

There is bound to be a major rush on EuroMillion Lottery tickets in all the playing countries and it would be unfortunate not to have valid lottery tickets for this particular lottery game.

To get tickets for the Mega Friday EuroMillion draw, simply visit our home page and select the option valid for your circumstances. We offer a service for lottery players outside of the EuroMillion playing areas.

We also offer a EuroMillion Lottery ticket service from the Official EuroMillion Lottery site for UK EuroMillion players. Simply select the UK Players button when wanting to make a purchase.

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