Irish Player Wins EuroMillions

An unemployed Lottery player from County Tyrone has won a massive €32 Million on EuroMillions. The lucky Northern Irish woman who won the jackpot was on her way to the Job Centre to apply for a job and decided to buy a EuroMillions ticket after having a few extra pounds in her purse.

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The lucky lady

As with all Lottery wins it comes down to pure luck; proponents of Lottery systems will be disappointed by this particular result. The lucky lady purchased a Lucky Dip, and it certainly was after hers was the only ticket to win at a reported seven billion to one odds. It certainly was her day. The massive lottery win has instantly made her one of the richest women in Ireland. As is typical with Lottery winners, she insisted that this would not change her. Only time will tell if that is the case.

She has stated that she is glad it had happened to her, as we would all be if it happened to us. Recently, EuroMillion Lottery winners have been plagued by the split up and divorce of couples who have managed to win large amounts. In this case, as the woman is single, there is little chance of that happening.

She has promised to share the winnings with family and close friends, which is noble. No doubt that now her name has been released in the National Press of Ireland, she will be bombarded with requests. Her dream of retiring to Spain to live in the sunshine is now well at hand, and we hope she enjoys her retirement.

The draw for EuroMillions is worth the basic £12 Million tonight, and online lottery tickets are available here.

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