Irish Eyes Are Smiling

The article title refers to the luck of Irish EuroMillion Lottery players who have again struck it lucky on the lottery jackpot game. The latest lottery win is for a massive €12,8 Million which is a half share of the total lottery jackpot. Irish Lottery officials have been quick to advise the owner of the winning ticket to sign the back of the lottery ticket. According to reports it is not yet known if a syndicate or a single winner has won the amount.

In addition,the location of the winner/s has been withheld which is unusual for lottery wins. This could mean that the wining lotto ticket comes from a very small village or that the lottery has simply not got round to releasing the details.

The winner of the other half of the EuroMillion Lottery is from Spain. While this jackpot is not in the same league as the June €93,8 Million Irish EuroMillions win it certainly is a sum that will change lives.

EuroMillions Plus also paid out to the tune of €500k to a player making this a good draw for Irish Lottery players. Tuesdays EuroMillions draw is therefore back to the basic amount of Twelve Million Pounds.

View all of the results for the lottery on the EuroMillions Results page here.

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