Irish April Fools EuroMillion Lottery Win

Irish April Fools EuroMillion Lottery Win An Irish EuroMillions Lottery player has won the April Fools Day Lottery draw. We assure you that this is not a joke and this is not a headline we could make up if we tried. Well we did make up the headline after spotting the win on this auspicious day.

The lucky Irish EuroMillions player was a single ticket winner of the draw which took place on Tuesday the 1st of April 2014.The winning numbers for the draw are as follows: 16,18,26,38 and 44. The Lucky Stars were 08 and 10.

This particular EuroMillions win again halts the run of Spanish EuroMillion wins on the game.The Friday draw of EuroMillions saw yet another Spanish Lottery player picking up a jackpot of £20,94 Million.

The April Fools Day EuroMillion Lottery draw was worth £12,45 Million or  €15 Million as the Irish do make use of Euros.The best placed UK EuroMillions result was a second tier prize of £169,485.60 for matching 5 numbers and a single lucky star.

The identity of the Irish EuroMillion winner has yet to be established so it is not yet known if the ticket is a single ticket win or a EuroMillions Syndicate win. Whatever the case is we are sure that there will be some very happy people.

It is also worth pointing out that all prize money won on EuroMillions is tax-free for Irish Lottery players.

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