Huge UK EuroMillions Lottery Win Claimed

The single-ticket winner has claimed the £184,000,000 EuroMillions lottery jackpot win. We are glad to see the winning ticket holder come forward to claim the win as there have been massive Euro Million jackpots that have gone unclaimed.

Gloucester Couple Win Jet Set Money

In this instance, we will all get to know the winner’s details. A Gloucester couple picked up the win on a Lucky Dip lottery ticket buy. That is quite a time to get lucky as this winning lucky dip produced the most significant win on EuroMillions by a UK Lottery player.

The choice to remain anonymous must have gotten presented to the lucky couple. However, given the fate of previous massive winners and the pressure lottery jackpot winners get put under, we wonder if it is not wiser to remain under the radar.

Their family and friends can now look forward to being spoilt, and we hope that they manage to get good Financial advice and a good accountant.

It seems that dealing with all of that cash is more complex than it seems, given the level of demand placed in this country on lottery winners. Scrutiny by the media is yet another aspect of life that will change for them. Every luxury house or vehicle purchase will be examined in detail by the press.

As ever, we always recommend buying lottery tickets online, which ensures players get notified automatically via email of any winning lottery tickets. Please use our Lottery concierge service to purchase Lottery Tickets to all the biggest Lottery games worldwide.

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