Huge Powerball Lottery Payout

The massive Powerball Lottery jackpot of $221 Million has been won on last nights draw of the popular lottery game. At the present time the only facts that are known is the fact that there is one lottery ticket purchased in California that managed to win the main jackpot.

In recent times the Powerball Lottery has become the most popular of US Lottery games due to the size of the jackpots. It has managed to eclipse its rival US Lottery, Mega Millions due to the fact that it has had bigger jackpots and more prize payouts to lottery players.

The shift in play by Lottery players have been so overwhelming, it forced Mega Millions to make changes to add further prizes to its lottery payout structure as well as decrease the odds of winning on the game.

The winning numbers on last nights Powervall Lottery draw are as follows : 3,23,31,34 and 47. The Powerball number was 13. There were no winners of any second place prize, but five lottery players did manage to pick up $1 Million prizes for matching 5 balls.

The main difference between the USA Lottery games and EuroMillions are the fact that EuroMillions is a lump sum lottery. Lottery players on both the Powerball Lottery and Mega Millions Lottery have to choose between an annual annuity and a cash lump sum. If a cash lump sum is chosen a portion of the winning amount is then forfeited.

The other significant difference is that in most areas EuroMillion Lottery winnings are tax free. Winners of Lottery jackpots in the United States have to pay Federal taxes as well as State taxes in some jurisdictions.

The next draw of the Powerball Lottery game takes place this coming Saturday and is worth the default amount of $40 Million.

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