How to Play EuroMillions

EuroMillions is Europe’s biggest lottery game, it is played twice a week with a lottery jackpot that starts at £10 Million. EuroMillion Lottery draws take place on Tuesday and Friday evenings.

In the United Kingdom, EuroMillions is priced at £2 for a line of numbers, when getting a ticket it also qualifies players for the Millionaire Maker Raffle part of the draw.

This Raffle is unique to the UK and players have to match Alphanumeric characters to win this part of the draw. Millionaire Maker guarantees a UK millionaire every week in each draw.

How to Play Either Online or Offline

  • Lottery Players pick 5 balls from a selection of 1 to 50. Then two more numbers from 1 to 11 called ‘Lucky Stars.’
  • In order to win the Lottery jackpot, all 5 main numbers and 2 Lucky Stars have to be matched.
  • There are a total of thirteen prizes with the EuroMillions jackpot and prizes are dependent on the number of Lucky stars and main numbers that have been accurately predicted.

For example, on an average, the second-tier prize is won for about £400,000 for five main numbers and one star while the third tier prize is worth an average £44,000 for five mains.

The thirteenth prize is won for getting two mains and pays out an average of £2.71.

All of the above prizes go up in value in the case of a rollover which is something that EuroMillions has seen a lot of in the past few months.

A rollover is when no player is able to capture the jackpot causing it to move forward to the next week.

Multiple rollovers create mega jackpots and recently a couple in Scotland won a massive £161 million which was caused by several rollovers.

Tonight one player could win £57,000,000 with the EuroMillions jackpot which as rolled over for the fifth time after failing to find a winner last week.

Tickets can be purchased at land-based retailers or you can play EuroMillions online by creating an account at any of our authorised Lottery ticket suppliers.

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