Hey Hey Its Friday

The phrase “Hey Hey Its Friday” is particularly relevant to EuroMillion Lottery players as it forms one part of the bi weekly draw. This week sees the EuroMillions jackpot prize worth an estimated £34 Million.EuroMillion Lottery has managed to escape the clutches of lottery players world-wide for the last 3 draws. The draw today makes it the 4th consecutive draw since a player has won the jackpot and at this level it seems that it is attracting more and more part-time players.

UK EuroMillion players have not managed to pick up a big lottery win since January of this year with the last few big lottery jackpot prizes going to Spanish EuroMillion and French EuroMillion players.

The United Kingdom has traditionally done very well given the fact that the vast majority of the population tend to take part in this particular lottery. Lets hope that the law of averages kicks in for the draw today with a UK EuroMillions jackpot winner.

Do you ever wonder if it is better to buy a EuroMillions ticket with chosen numbers or opt for a lucky dip ticket? We are going to be publishing our findings on this, and the findings of a study conducted by the National Lottery Commission in an upcoming article next week.

Make sure you are taking part in the draw today by purchasing a EuroMillions ticket from your local shop or preferably online where it is safer and easier for you to get access to any prizes won.

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