Giant Powerball Lottery Jackpot

We do not use the word Giant lightly in this instance. The Powerball Lottery jackpot has hit the $400,000,000 mark; at this level, the lottery game will grow more before the next draw on the 19th of September, 2013. This lottery is certainly growing in popularity with lottery players worldwide.

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More prizes on Powerball

Of the two USA Lotteries that are most popular, it seems that Powerball has gained an advantage in recent times. Powerball recently changed its pricing structure, and with that came more prizes apart from the main lottery jackpot prize. USA Lottery players can now win more than $2 Million and $ 1 million prizes on this lottery.

The recent addition of the state of California to the list of Powerball Lottery states means the lottery jackpot grows much faster as the state is the most populous in the USA. Thus, after six draws where there has been no jackpot winner, we have arrived at the current junction where there will be over $400 Million in jackpot prizes available to lottery players worldwide.

One fact that does need to be pointed out is that the Powerball Lottery is not a lump sum lottery like our beloved EuroMillion Lottery game. A winning player must choose between an annuity and a cash lump sum. That would typically lose a winning lottery player 50% of the jackpot. Once that has been taken care of, Federal Taxes and State Taxes in some states need to be paid.

A cash lump sum would still total in the hundreds of millions for a lottery of this size, so there is no need to feel too downhearted at the prospect of winning something like this. To take part in the next Powerball Lottery draw, visit our detailed review page for the Powerball Lottery.

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