Friday the 13th EuroMillion Draw

Friday the 13th EuroMillion DrawOf all days to have a EuroMillion Draw, Friday the 13th should be regarded as the unluckiest day of them all. We however think the opposite.

Today Friday 13 March 2015 sees a EuroMillion Lottery draw worth a minimum of £18,000,000 in prize money.

Most EuroMillion Lottery players will in any event disregard the fact that it is Friday the 13th and concentrate on trying to win that elusive Lottery Jackpot.

There are those though that have been influenced by marketing and Hollywood movies and even superstition. There is even a term coined for the fear of the number 13 namely triskaidekaphobia.

Chinese EuroMillion Lottery players will definitely not be taking part in the draw today as the number 13 is regarded as unlucky in Chinese culture. Well it is the number 4 but 1 and 3 combined equal 4 in numerology.

Those that suffer from the above issues will not play today and we are all the better for it, it leaves the path open for the rest of us to try to win.

Admittedly it is a rather long and fortuitous path as the odds of winning will thin remotely. That leaves all the rest of us non suspicious lottery players a wide open £18 Million EuroMillion Lottery jackpot prize to play for.

We are going to tempt fate today and are going to get 13 EuroMillion Lottery tickets at 13 separate times. We are of the persuasion that a mere number cannot affect our lives.

That is unless our numbers come up on a winning EuroMillions ticket. We are even going to tempt fate that bit further and include the number 13 in all 13 of our EuroMillion tickets.

Needless to say we are going to be having a busy day as 13 separate purchases during the day today will need to be made. It goes without saying that we will be doing all of this online.

We hope you have a very fortunate Friday the 13th EuroMillion Lottery draw. We pledge to buy at least a baker’s dozen ( 13) worth of Jam Doughnuts if we manage to win this Friday the 13th EuroMillion draw.

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