Florida Joins Mega Millions Lottery

Florida Joins Mega Millions Lottery
Florida Joins Mega Millions Lottery

Residents of Florida in the USA will be able to get Mega Million Lottery tickets as of 15 May 2013.

Mega Millions Lottery Tickets for the multi-state lottery will officially be on sale on 15 May this year.

The addition of the Mega Millions Lottery

This is great news for Florida State residents and Mega Millions Lottery itself.

Mega Millions already boasts a formidable lottery jackpot, and it is sure to get an even bigger boost with Florida joining the other 42 states participating in Mega Millions Lottery games.

According to a Florida Lottery official, the state has finally bowed to a retailer and public demand to sell Mega Million Lottery tickets.

Florida already participates in the Powerball Lottery, and adding Mega Millions means it finally has a full house of lotteries.

According to reports, there were fears that adding Mega Millions to the choice of lotteries available to Floridians would financially impact existing lottery games.

It was feared that the addition would impact services that the Florida Lottery caters to.

Florida Lottery officials seem to think otherwise now; in the last year, the Florida Lottery had a record year with lottery ticket sales of over $4,45 billion.

Adding the Mega Millions Lottery should generate even more lottery revenue.

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