FiFe Millions Unclaimed

Two winning EuroMillion Lottery tickets from the Scottish town of Fife worth a massive Two Million Pounds have yet to be claimed.

As previously covered in a EuroMillions article both of the wins came on the Millionaire Raffle portion of the EuroMillion lottery game. What is unusual is the fact that the wins came on two separate draws of the lottery game.

As of yet the winner or winners of these EuroMillion lottery jackpots have yet to step forward to claim the win. There has been an extensive search for the owners of the winning tickets over the last few months.

This could turn out to be a single winner of both jackpots making the person the luckiest lottery player in Scotland. The richest lottery player title would still belong to the Weirs.

?f you are in the Fife area of Scotland make sure to check all of your old lottery tickets for a win. Players can check our EuroMillion Results page for Lottery and Millionaire Raffle Results.

This Tuesday the EuroMillion Lottery draw is worth a massive Forty Two Million Pounds plus there is the Raffle to play for.

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