Feel Good Lottery Factor Back

Feel Good Lottery Factor BackWith the EuroMillion Lottery jackpot being worth a minimum of £53,000,000 in the draw taking place later today, the feel good factor has definitely returned to the lottery.

We determine the feel good factor in any of the lottery games we cover simply by the amount of visits each of the pages gets. We have therefore decided that it is more than proper to go with the above headline for today.

The EuroMillion Jackpot has now reached the level that would make a single winning ticket a member of the super rich.Winning £53 Million is no laughing matter even, some serious though would need to be had to make sure best use of all those funds.

There would be the matter of Private Jets, Exclusive Holidays as well as how best to manage these funds. Luckily UK EuroMillion players are assisted in all of this by Camelot who offer an after care service for big lottery winners.

Camelot have made a very wise move with this service, i mean who would not want to know and look after a person who has just managed to win £53,000,000 in prize money.

One of the best Feel Good Lottery stories we have seen this week did not involve EuroMillion Lottery, it happened to a New Yorker whose father inserted a lottery ticket in a get well card.

The lucky guy was recovering from an operation when his father gave him the card with a New York Lottery ticket. He checked the lottery numbers and discovered that he was a $7 Million Lottery jackpot winner.

If that optimistic lottery news does not give lottery players an uplift and a bit of feel good reason for the big EuroMillions draw today, then nothing will.

As ever, you are only able to win a EuroMillion Lottery if you take part in it, to take part it is necessary to get lottery tickets. Make sure you get your lottery tickets in time for the draw taking place today.

It is after all a £53 Million Feel Good EuroMillion Lottery Day.

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